You’re probably wondering why your new season’s hass avocados are taking so long to ripen.  Well, avocados actually begin the ripening process once they’ve been harvested.  Usually orchards supplying avocados will undergo maturity testing of the fruit to ensure they are ready for that process. The more mature the fruit is the higher the oil content giving the buttery texture will be. Fruit picked too early (or blown off the trees) will not ripen at all, or it will be wrinkly, watery and tasteless.

Throughout the season Avoexpress will pick their fruit to order.  Within 24hours the fruit is harvested, packed and despatched, so the ripening process has barely begun by the time you receive your box of avocados.  At the beginning of the season – around July / August – the avocados can take 8 – 10 days to ripen in a normal fruitbowl environment. The skin is softer and easily bruised, and it’s bright green. We don’t put your avocados into a coolstore, and we don’t pre-ripen them.

Avocados at supermarkets have usually been cool-stored and pre-ripened before you see them on the shelves there – understandably a supermarket or fruit store don’t want new fruit sitting around for so long. Unfortunately that can also mean the test ‘squeeze’ can bruise them at this stage.

Further into the season as the oil content increases, the exterior of the avocado becomes harder and the skin looks duller and a darker green.  The fruit can usually be ripened within 5-7 days mid-season.  And at the end of the season fruit ripens very quickly, particularly when it’s hot.

So don’t worry if it’s taking a while for your fruit to ripen – it will and the wait will be worth it.

Go now and order your favourite box and they’ll be ready for smashed avo on toast before you know it!