Growing Next Year’s Avocados

Right about now our avocado growers will have invested much time and energy into getting the next years crop of beautiful avocados for you to buy online.

They’ve pruned the trees to let as much light and sunshine in as possible, fertilised to feed the new growth and potential new fruitlets, and beehives have been brought in to pollinate the flowers.

They’re a fussy tree when it comes to pollination – Hass avocado trees can self-pollinate because they produce both male and female flowers, however orchards will have a variety of other avocados planted to assist the pollination process.  Avocado trees will open their flowers in the female form first and then the same flowers will open in the male form the next day. Each flower can self-pollinate but the chances of this is reduced because the male and female flowers will open on different days.

And, to perfect the pollination process the temperature must be at 12 degrees or above for three days and three nights.  This is why avocados grow better in warmers areas like the Bay of Plenty and Northland.  This is also why avocado growers shudder at the thought of a ‘late season frost’, or cold front.

So while Avoexpress still have plenty of beautiful avocados for you to buy online, we’re fully invested in ensuring the supply is continual for as long as possible.

Try one of our boxes now – order your avocados online today.  Just pop over to our homepage to pick your box, add your details, and we’ll do the rest.  From our trees to your table – anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand.


We aim to harvest & despatch within 24 hours


Always picked and packed just for you


Flavour is robbed from avos in cool stores


No punters squeezing them on the supermarket shelf


Avocado flowers