Reed avocados are one of the largest varieties of avocado. The fruit is round and is about the size of a small cannonball.  They can easily weigh in excess of 1/2 a kilo. Avocado growers in New Zealand use the Reed as a pollinator for the more commercial Hass avocado variety.

Reeds are a green-skinned variety, which means the skin remains green even when ripe, and they are easy to peel. The texture is creamy and buttery, and the flavor is beautifully rich and nutty. Avocado connoisseurs will tell you the Reed avocado this the best-tasting of all avocados.

How do you tell when they’re ready if the skin doesn’t change colour? Reed avocados will yield to gentle pressure when ripe, but their skin will remain green. Like other avocados they can ripen almost overnight, so be sure to check them daily for perfect ripeness. If they are refrigerated immediately after ripening, they will keep extremely well for several days.

Use Reed avocados as you would any other but, to be fair, their taste is best enjoyed pure and raw – on toast, in a salad, or just sprinkle with seasoning and lemon juice and eat it with a spoon – delicious!

Why don’t you give these Kings of the Avocado World a go – they’re only available for a short period and there are limited quantities so be quick!

Reed avocados in a box